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This Journal is Friends Only. Please commented to be added. You must add me back or I'll just and delete you. Oh and it's also called rudeness if you friend someone and then don't read or comment their entries. In the case that I realize you probably only added me to have more friends... you will be promptly deleted.

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I have some stupid project due in the morning and it involves emailing people and we're not allowed to email the same person and the only people I ever email are my mom and my best friend and my aunt so if you're in my address book then that means you are at risk of being emailed :D hahaha. Don't bother reading it cos it's gonna be about some stupid thing I was forced to go to to learn about/get involved at my school and the community... blah... hahaha. So yeah, it's gonna be really dorky and such so if you get one don't make too much fun of me k? lol.

btw... don't you love my new default!! hahaha. yeah yeah, I really love it that much! It's just so... hahaha. idk I just find it highly enjoyable :D

oh oh! I made my first to mcr_macros  and HUZZAH! Twas a success!! Who brings teh lulz?! Heather bringz teh lulz!! hahaha. ok, i'm gonna stop bragging now... hahaha.

oh oh! and I'm really really sorry that I haven't been commenting journals as much but my Friends Page seems to be moving MUCH faster than it used to and also, I have finals starting on Tuesday so I've been studying (Yes! i Know! I'm surprised too!) and biggest reason, I'm making myself less addicted to teh internetz and as much as we all love each other, you know that it's a good thing... more healthy (cos I work out and go out and see nature and breathe real air, etc.) and get a life outside of the computer... yes you know it's a good thing! But there's no way that I'll ever go away completely. I love the internet too much. hahaha. and it can be Muggle fucking boring here! (potterpuppetpalsref!)

I'll talk to you guys later! Need to finish stupid project now! lol. I really do love you all!!!

Just in case.....

I'm sharing this just in case there are some of you living under a rock and don't know the amazingness that is Kelly.... :D Watch All vids... you won't be dissappointed :D ok that's a lie. Watch Shoes, Muffins, Text-message Break-Up and this one I'm putting up here called Let Me Borrow That Top. The other ones are just ok.... hahaha.

Harry thinks he can dance!

hahaha. ok so title = laaaaame

but anyways :D


Greatest Person Ever

I was walking around campus earlier extremely pissed off and I don't think I really had a good reason. I think it was just a culmination of a bunch of little things... like the heat, and walking everywhere, and classes, etc. And I fully intended to get on here and make a very angry post just cause I can.

World After Harry Potter Survey

Name? Heather
Age? 18
House? Well most people say Hufflepuff but I think I'd be like Neville who has Hufflepuffy tendencies but I'm brave like Gryffindor :D

How did you first get into Harry Potter? My mom heard about them on the TODAY show and so when we were at the library i got POA cause I thought it looked the most interesting... but then I got home, read a few chapters, realized I had to read them in order and then went back to the library and got the first one :D
How long ago was it? er.... before GOF... let me go look up the year... 1999
What was your initial reaction to the books? Love from first chapter. I think. :P i was kinda young and don't remember what EXACTLY i thought, but i must've liked them because I kept reading them and read book four when I got it for Christmas in 2000. (I had to wait several months after it came out because my mom had found out about all the people saying it was evil and encouraged the occult but then my grandparents gave it to me for Christmas and she was like 'whatever, go read it' :D hehe.
When did you first get involved with the fandom itself? I actually never thought to go look for a fan site until a month or so before HBP... horrible i know... but i promise i made up for it by checking the Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet every day since then :]

Your favourite book? It was always OOTP because I just adore the Ministry and Department of Mysteries bits. They're very  visually pleasing I think... and I just feel really bad for harry in that book. I've gotten that angry before and I can really relate to him... but now I'm thinking Deathly Hallows... well it's more of a tie I suppose. That book has so much in it! I loved it. It was basically everything I expected/wanted :D
Your favourite character? er... Harry :] and the twins and Ron and Mr and Mrs. Weasley. and Neville. although Hermione moved up a lot in my book in DH. And Luna got kinda cool/relatable-too other than through looks after seeing her room.
Your OTP? Ron and Hermy ♥ and Draco/Hermione .... I also (very secretly) enjoy Harry/Hermione... haha.
Other ships (canon or not) you support? occasionally i enjoy a good Draco/Hermione fic ;D  and of course Draco/ Harry ;) and as above, Harry/Hermione... shhhh! lol. I know it was never gonna happen and honestly, I didn't want it to. But that's what's so great about FanFiction :D
Favourite scenes? the Department of Mysteries. Harry seeing his parents graves and hugging hermione as the left, er... the final showdown, the opening chapter of book 1.... it's really hard to pick.... haha. oh and when harry was going through the forest to die and he had brought back his parents and lupin and sirius.... I never thought i'd cry that much for a book.... it seriously felt like my best friend was dying.... it was terrible.... but I definitely loved that. Yeah. That last scene I mentioned is definitely my favorite now :D I also enjoyed the bits where they were in the tent. So cute! and I SO! called that :) haha.
Favourite quotes? "I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me." -Harry. hahaha. idky I just do ok!? and of course! "What's comin' will come, an' we'll meet it when it does." -Hagrid. Many more of course but I don't wanna list them allll. ... that would take forever :D
Favourite teacher? Snape!! :D I love him so much. It's not right. hahaha.
Favourite class? hmmm. Defense against the Dark Arts I suppose....

When did you get the book? Midnight on July 21st. duuh.
Tell us about your release party experience: well i was at the back in the customer services section at Wal-mart so that should tell you a lot... haha. not to mention the people at the front were IDIOTS!! I had to keep correcting them I was just like 0.0 you got here at 8 o'clock why!? I seriously couldn't believe they'd read the books. I wanted to punch them. The lady who was second in line was very nice though :D and the people working were so funny. Kept bringing out the book and skimming through it and getting this shocked look on their faces hahaha. And one guy goes "RON AND HARRY DID WHAT?! AND HERMIONE JOINED IN!?!" it was slightly amazing. Not to be overshadowed by my response of "I think I definitely read that somewhere online once...." hehehe.
What was your initial reaction to DH? Love. The first chapter i was excited about at first but looking back i could have done without it. I was honestly crying by the time harry was reading the Obit. though. i was like wow... this is gonna be intense, i can already tell... once i was done i closed the book and just cried and cried for a good hour or so. I couldn't believe I had just read the last harry Potter book.... my heart literally felt like there was a huge hole in it... still does....
What's your reaction to it now? It was amazing. I want moreee!!! Thank God for the encyclopedia but I don't think it'll be enough. oh yeah and the Epilogue was like half a step up from fan fiction. goo.
Do you still like your favourite character after DH? Even more. I loved when he was calling Voldy Riddle. I was like nanny nanny booboo! And sticking out my tongue and stuff :D
Do you have a new favourite character after DH? I still love them all it's just I love them all more now. and Lupin and Tonks and Fred and Dobby dying only made me realize how much I really did love them. And Snape of course. I had predicted a lot of what turned out to be true about him but realizing the fact that he had worked so hard to protect Harry this whole time only because he loved Lily, and that Harry was the product, essentially, of what happened when he called Lily a mudblood... because really, if that hadn't happened then I think we all know they would have ended up together .... so yeah. he's amazing.
Do you still support your OTP after DH? der. Especially since they FINALLY KISSED!!! I still can't believe we only got ONE FRIGGIN KISS!! but the stuff in OOTP with Ron was amazingly cute and I bounced up and down in my chair :D
Do you have a new OTP after DH? Draco and me :D and Harry and me :D But no seriously... LUNA/DEAN!! OMG CUTEEE!!!
What was your favourite scene in the book? well seeing as i'm so indecisive... half are yes :D haha.
What was your least favourite scene of the book? the opening chapter.... the epilogue... and i'm not really a big fan of bathilda is actually nagini bit.... ew.
What death hit you the hardest? well.... Dobby's I guess. but that's only because Fred's and Tonks and Lupin's where so sudden and so rushed... but looking back i was just like OMBOB!! and just sat and wept. but still Dobby's....
If you could change one thing in the book, what would it be? the Epilogue. goo.
If you could add one thing to the book, what would it be? More kisses between Ron and Herms and an answer to allll questions.
Epilogue: Loved it, hated it, ignored it, what? hate.
Be honest: Did you cry? yeah. oh so much.

How are you coping with it all being over? .......not well. I keep sporadically crying.... :'(
Are you at least looking forward to the movies? I just hope we don't get another hack job... which admittedly will be very hard to do with DH...
Do you want JKR to write more books of any sort? Of what? MORE HP OF COURSE!!!
Do you plan to stay active in fandom even now? How? I don't think it'll be possible for me to stop. It's been a part of my life every day since early 2005....
What other fandoms will you occupy yourself with? MCR :D

Any parting words? I love hp. and jo will write more. I think she loves them too much to stop. idk how or why... but she will. and they'll be just as amazing. because she's amazing.